Human Powered Works 2011 : This group show featured Interpretations of the human engine. All manner of self powered transit formed the content and mediums interpreted by a wide survey of young artist from Boston, NY, and Philadelphia with affiliations ranging from vandalism, the MIT media Lab, the Distillery, Artists For Humanity, SCUL (anarcho-bike gang) and Paint Pens in Purses.


Silver Oris, Nineta, Pro Blak, Swat, 9&saintvitus, Marka27, Enamel Kingdom, Heather McGrath, Alphabet Arm Design, Chris Piascik, Morgan Thomas Anderson, Thomas Buildmore, Nick Z, Matthew Zaremba, Tony Luong, Martha O’Connell, James Buford, Zachary Teachout, Tom Lutz, Damion SIlver, Alphabet Soup, Anti Designs,Shayna Yasuhara, Josh Falk, Nick Colen + Skunk.

Fourth Wall Project | Gallery

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Sumi Ink, polymer on wooden deck